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Jubilee Fields

Jubilee Fields is a 19 acre field available for everyone to enjoy and is only a very short walk from the centre of Mildenhall. The river Lark boarders one side of the field and the footpath by the river offers access to further paths through to Barton Mills.   Fishing is permitted from the river bank but is only available to residents of the parish of Mildenhall.



We are asking for a £3 admin charge to cover the cost of stationery, lamination etc. but this is entirely voluntary please do not feel under any obligation to pay.

Most of our fishermen are very generous and happy to contribute as they understand our ultimate aim, indeed are very much approving of our efforts to stamp out non parishioners fishing and other associated activities which in no way reflect the true sport.

Of course, you have the statutory right as a resident to fish on our side of the Lark- this in no way compromises this.

Please just bring along proof of your residency in the Parish to the Parish Office, The Pavilion, Recreation Way, Mildenhall and we will produce your licence there and then.

If you cannot get to the parish office on a weekday, I will be happy to come along on a Saturday if that is more convenient for you, just let me know- 01638 713493

Nicky Glading

Mildenhall Parish Clerk


Click here to download Application form Fishing-Permint-Authorisation-Form.pdf


The field is surrounded by trees and is a perfect place for a family picnic, with plenty of space to play games.

Free parking is available at one end of the field.